Fisher-Price Go Wild Jumperoo DTL57

Fisher-Price Go Wild Jumperoo DTL57

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  • 2 ways to play! 1. Musical Fun – Baby can activate fun sounds, music and lights—all to help stimulate visual and auditory senses. 2. Early Learning – Sing-along songs and spoken words introduce baby to animal sounds, first words and more!
  • Music, songs, lights & sounds reward and encourage every bounce & jump
  • Wheee! Seat spins 360 degrees so baby can discover all around
  • Sturdy, free-standing steel frame lets baby jump safely – no doorway required
  • Easily adjusts to three different heights as baby grows
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Product Description

Bounce to the moon and back, all in a day’s worth of playtime. There are 2 modes of music and so much for baby to discover On-the-Go Wild Jumperoo . In short-play mode, your little one’s every jump is rewarded with music, lights and sounds. Or set it to long-play mode and the music plays continuously, accompanied by fun sounds & lights! A rotating seat gives baby 360° access to toys, hands-on activities and happy friends all around. Like a giraffe toy bar with a swinging monkey to bat at, and twinkling lights. Fruit shapes to sort. A rolling butterfly ball to spin. A book with pages to turn and fun animal sounds to hear. A lion to rock. And animals to teeter-totter back and forth. And they’re all within baby’s reach. Baby can bat, reach, grasp, move, groove, and jump so high – all things that give developing motor skills a helpful boost. Sing-along songs and spoken words introduce baby to animal sounds, first words and more!

Brand Story

By Fisher Price

Absolutely love this for my 4 month old! We saw one at a well known children's store that was quite expensive but my daughter loved sitting in it. So happy I found a more affordable one on . There are two settings.., it can just play music or the other setting will talk about the items on the jumper. It'll say yellow banana or purple grapes. It'll telll baby monkeys love bananas. There's a little flip type book on it as well. My little one is a bit young to figure out how to move the seat 360 degrees and her hands are a little short to reach for a few items but I'm excited to see her grow into this. It's also really helpful when I put her in it for a few minutes if I need to get something done in the house like laundry or mop the floor. It'll entertain her just long enough to get it done.

It was also relatively easy to put together. Lots of pieces but no issues finding where they all belong.
By Aimarooni January 16, 2017
My 4 and a half month old son loves it. It took him about 3 tries to figure out how to bounce but he's a pro now. He can't reach many of the toys yet but really enjoys just bouncing and watching the lights flash.
By CrystalPocernich March 25, 2018
This is one of those products that I couldn't live without as a mama. It is so nice to have a safe place to put your baby if you need to do a quick chore! Honestly, my son doesn't like it that much any more as he is almost walking but from 6 months - 8 it was a life saver!

They should make it possible to alternate toys so babies don't get bored!
By Amazon Customer May 7, 2017
I like the activities on it. Variety to keep him entertained with music and voices. Still ok with purchase but could be better. I do think there should be lights on the "dash" for stimulation. He doesnt notice the ones above much and has to arch to look up. The apple has to be out otherwise it wiggles and says apple or makes the crunch sound evey 0.5 seconds with even slight movement (wife wants to cut it off). He likes to hold on to things while he bounces which is why he likes the lion and frog, but they are otherwise pretty boring. A friend has one with lights and handles all over which he loves. The main things i dislike are arms are really loose and move alot (may be by design). And the number one thing is the springs are weak, he bottoms them out everytime he jumps. Yes, its adjusted correctly with only his tip toes touching. Even if he is only managing to touch with 1 leg he bottoms it out when moving. When not moving I can lightly press with pinky finger down and bottom it out. He is 16pounds by the way. This doesnt happen with 2 others of friends we have put him in.
By mack January 15, 2017
Such a great toy. Brought it because our 5 month old has a lot of energy and like to bounce. As soon as he saw it his face lit up and he was leaning towards it to start playing. So many buttons and things to play with - all which he worked out really fast and helps with his motor skills. It sings in different languages which is great for us as we brining him up with English and french.
He seems to bounce pretty hard and there is slowing down, keeps up well.
I have already have had friends buy this for their babies as they saw how fun it was. I highly recommend it
By S September 27, 2018
Some pieces were broken on the toy part but it’s such a hassle to take apart and pack up! Shipping took forever prime or no prime! My 6 month is still to small for this he can’t touch the ground and there’s no way to adjust the height. BUT he does seem to like it and the music is fun and I like how the toys are attached so he can’t throw them on the floor. Fun product if you get it new and not damaged
By Min September 27, 2018
Bought for my son who isn't quite big enough yet for this toy, but I purchased during prime day and couldn't pass up the deal on this item. I liked the fact that it had 360° rotation and many activities, the colors, lights, and the fact that it includes words in 4 languages! My baby Loves the lights and the music! And I hope in time he'll come to love the other activities as well!
By sbritt_86 July 30, 2018
Baby likes jumping around but the songs and buttons are pretty bad. It will just play random songs no matter what setting but it's in a annoying voice and not the least bit educational or anything. Would be better if there was a way to only trigger a response from unit if baby hit something, but it just plays stuff at random. Not very impressed..
By garrett August 27, 2018