Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Pink Ellipse CMP96

Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Pink Ellipse CMP96

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  • Switch on calming vibrations to help soothe baby
  • Comfy incline helps baby sleep
  • Compact fold for portability & storage
  • Rocks with a gentle push
  • Sleeper & playtime seat in one
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If you get one item for a new parent, this is my recommendation. The shape allows your baby to feel like it is being held. The ability to rock it allows you to south the baby in place rather than having to pick him/her up and then get disturbed when you try to put them back down again.

We have taken it apart multiple times to bring it to the grandparents house, and it has developed a squeak when rocked. However, the sound does not appear to impact the lil one who still falls right to sleep.

I would probably have bought the auto-rocking model if I knew it was available, it would have been nice.

We have tried to get our little one to sleep in a crib/bassinet but on restless nights, he always falls asleep easier in this

As for the "flat head" concern, our baby's head is not perfectly round but when asking the doctor about it, she said he is fine. Most babies heads get a little flat in the back since we have all started laying them on their backs and it doesn't hurt anything. Regardless of where your baby sleeps, you should probably keep an eye on your baby's head shape as some will be more prone than others to problems.

Image: Newborn and 7 mo old
By Ambrosia Brown June 29, 2017
This thing saved us. I wish I could give more stars... Our baby would only sleep in our arms and if we put him down in his bassinet, or any of the other bouncer/swings he would wake after 20 minutes. It was horrible. He sleeps AMAZING in this. If you are like me and were researching things to buy in the middle of the night basically in tears... Buy this. Life changing.
By katie August 24, 2016
i don't care what sleep experts say about this product, but this item saved our sanity the first month our baby was born. When our baby was born this is the only place she would sleep and take naps in so we used this 24/7. If you're a mom and it's 3am right now and your baby won't let you put them down....stop reading this review and click purchase lol. I know you are out there reading this momma. It WILL get better. Thank you Fisher Price for making this product!!!
By Clover7 October 20, 2015
This has been a lifesaver.

We were using a flat bassinet when we first came home from the hospital but we noticed our son seemed to be having some reflux issues and couldn't seem to sleep comfortably on his back.

My research led me to this rock n play. The price seemed right and the reviews were great.

Needless to say we've been very happy. Assembly is very easy as is maintenance.
By zocefus January 8, 2018
The Rock n play was a big reason I survived being a first time parent. You'll love, and sometimes worship, the rock n plays magical powers.
By Frosty October 21, 2017
This sleeper is AMAZING. If you have an infant that is having a hard time sleeping on his or her back at night this is something you should try! My daughter did not tolerate sleeping flat on her back and loved being elevated and more 'snuggled' when she slept. In a traditional bassinet she wouldn't sleep more than an hour at a time. At 4 weeks we put her in this sleeper next to our bed and on the first night she slept for four hours! Subsequent nights she slept at least that long, if not longer. I've also moved this around the house for naps. It's super light weight and simple to travel/carry. If there was any downside it was that the assembly instructions, like most baby equipment, was lacking. But it's still easy to figure out how to get it together.

FYI - there's no "scientific" research on using a sleeper like this for overnight sleeping so your pediatrician may not advise you to use this, but I say use your parental instincts and do what is best for you and your baby. It's now my go-to gift for friends' baby showers as well.
By Jen in VT April 30, 2017
The Rock n' Play sleeper is the BEST. I know, all babies are supposed to be put to sleep on their back and on a hard flat surface, but my newborn baby would not get to sleep like that. She has mild reflux, like most babies, and she would just gurgle and gagle when laying flat and no one was sleeping. We got our first Rock n' Play when she was three weeks old, and our nights got so much better. After eating she would go right back to sleep and the vibrating feature is like a snooze button. I placed this right next to the bed, and could reach her to sooth her without getting up. I was very careful to not put extra blankets or pillows on that side of the bed as it does sit a little lower than the bed and I was worried that something could fall on her. Now, I will say that she does have a bit of a flat spot and she was favoring her right side, so at 4 months we packed it up and now she only sleeps in her crib. She no longer favors her right side, once we realized it and made adjustments, and the flat spot is very mild so I cannot say either are because of sleeping in the Rock n' Play, but it might have contributed. The transition to the crib was very smooth, but she's a pretty easy going baby. I think we used the Rock n' Play too long, but for newborn babies it truly is a life saver.
By Sarah Kaminski February 14, 2018
My Daugher loves this! It's perfect
By C. Trevino May 5, 2016