Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper Kids II 10455

Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper Kids II 10455

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  • Dive into discovery with ocean-themed activities in every direction
  • Bouncy seat swivels 360 degrees from toy to toy
  • 4 height positions are easier to adjust. Toys/Frame are wipe clean
  • Electronic sea turtle station is removable
  • Introduces numbers & colors in English, Spanish, French
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Style:Neptune's Ocean Discovery

The Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper gives your baby 360 degrees of engaging activities with a splash of underwater wonder. Your mini-marine explorer can embark on a playtime expedition and swivel from toy to toy in the height-adjustable baby bouncer. There's a crab that spins inside a clear ball, a little starfish that holds a self-discovery mirror, an octopus paddle toy, and flash cards with real underwater imagery to boost vocabulary. The removable sea turtle activity center helps your baby discover numbers and colors in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and French). With extra link loops, you can also add your baby’s favorite toys or swap out fresh ones for a new ocean of discovery. The baby bounce chair allows your little one to jump and dance, which helps strengthen their developing leg muscles. With no doorways required, you can watch your baby safely play and grow wherever you need to be.

 This has been the best thing we have ever bought our kid. He absolutely loves it, and it keeps him occupied so we can get things done. A complete life saver.
By kevin July 31, 2017
My baby is very picky with toys and things and usually doesn't let me leave her sight... but with this she stays entertained for a while and she can turn around in it with her back to me and doesn't cry! She loves to jump and it didn't take her long to figure out how to turn herself around to enjoy all 360 degrees of fun!! I have many videos of her smiling and squealing and laughing in this jumper!!
By Sarah C. February 6, 2017
I wish I would have purchased this item sooner! It has it all! My daughter loves it! For a free standing jumper, this item isn’t as bulky as others I have seen! I was surprised at how little footspace it occupied! But just because this item doesn’t take up as much space doesn’t mean it is lacking in anyway! It has a rotating 360* seat so baby can have equal access to all the toys. The toys that come on the item are very entertaining, it has a lot to keep baby occupied and interested! One of the toys even lights up and plays music. To adjust the height of the seat is so easy, it’s so easy it can be done with the baby in it. I was worried that my child wouldn’t get much use from this before she outgrows it (she is very tall for her age) however I foresee her being able to use it for a long time! I definitely think it will be well loved! The construction of the item seems to be sturdy and safe! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this item! I am impressed!
By Jennifer M February 21, 2018
Overall Design:
This is a cute and well-made jumper. It's sturdy, and not too heavy to move around. It does somewhat bothers me that my baby can rock this side to side causing it to hit the legs and make a clanking noise. When she's in it I hear the jumper hitting the legs almost constantly as she hops slightly side to side. There's only a couple inches of space, so it doesn't take much sideways motion to make this happen.

I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 because most of the toys are immobile. Babies like to touch and move things, so this doesn't make sense to me. Most of these toys are stationary stars. Likewise, the octopus on the bar only pivots a tiny amount on the bar--although to its credit, my little one LOVES to stare at it. The larger starfish on a bar (also doesn't move) does have a mirror on the other side which allows baby to look at its own face (and this makes them quite happy since human faces are most preferable to babies!). I don't know why there's a small booklet hung up and out of reach. I used plastic link toys to move that off of there so baby can pick it up and actually interact with it.

This seems geared towards being a jumper and not an activity center, even though it looks like it's both. Good for jumping, but easily hits the legs and becomes noisy. Very cute, and baby still enjoys it despite my complaints.
By J. Caceres April 22, 2017
We have a newborn and wanted to get something that would be durable enough to be used for a while, so we chose this based off price and other reviews.

Easy to assemble
Easy to adjust for height variation
Lots of toy options for baby
Good variation of music/noises for a small toy- parents, you know how important this is because listening to the same song can drive you mad
Bilingual, which is cool

I wish that you could move the toys around. There is an octopus and I wish our baby could spin it or push it along the bar. Same for the star.
Also, I wish the toys that hung on the barnicles were better quality or texture.

All in all, our daughter loves it and she has been able to use it for a few months and will probably love it until she starts being more mobile.
By YouStoleMyShirts February 21, 2018
I really looked through jumpers for a while and kept coming back to this one because it looked the best but of course the cheaper ones were tempting. Ultimately I bought this one obviously and I do not regret it one bit! Super easy to put together! Probably took us 10 minutes or less including putting all the toys on. The only tool you need is a screwdriver to put the batteries in the light up song toy. Which btw has 3 different modes, numbers/colours, classical songs and a piano. And it doesn't have a language option, when it says the color or number it just says it in English first, then Spanish and then I believe French. It's also super duper easy to adjust the height, you just pull and it snaps into place. My 5 month old loves it so much and he actually enjoys watching the toys and interacting with them. I don't know much about this brand but I'm in love with this jumper!!
By Katie July 1, 2017
Very cute, my 6month old son loves it. It keeps him occupied for awhile while I have a minute to myself.
By Amazon Customer December 6, 2016
So safe. Very interactive. Great that some parts can be removed.
By Amazon Customer October 6, 2016